Monday, September 20, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010


ah my favorite dress bought it a few years ago and only wore it 2 times. I had to have it


this is a new necklace i got from petunias they have great things. pictures by chris nagy

Taste My Style

fun fun fun. photos by chris nagy

Friday, September 3, 2010


I WOULD LOVEEEEE TO DO A SHOOT LIKE THIS!!!!!! This photo stole my heart! And so did the lipstick. I had to splurge and get myself this lippy and might I say I am in HEAVEN

Glamour Wounds

HI! My name is Glamour Wounds. You might not know this but I take fashion very seriously! So much that I scar myself. These scars are from glitter, a HEAVY necklace, and sequins. There have been many more but these are just the ones I remembered to take pic of. I see a lot more in my future.

Hot Day

I had a great day out with my mom. It was SO hot out! We took a 5 min break from our day and decided to take a quick pic at the mall over the water. We just had to show off the short hair.

RIP Izzy

It has been a hard 9 months and a really sad week. After 9 months of my little Izzy being sick she died at 3 years old. I cant believe how much I miss her