Thursday, June 24, 2010

Me behind the wig

Behind the wig is who I love most! I love fashion and styling and looking into a career as a stylist but I have fallen in love with modeling this year when I first started experiencing it and would love to do that too! here are some photos of me as me that I styled and my friend Kelly Alexandra took.

LADY GAGA TEETH unofficial

okaaaaay! me and Robert Hayman went straight to work after our first photoshoot with our group that we now call Haus of Hayman. we reached over a million views with this one with all the accounts holding the video....oh and silly me I guess I never noticed my teeth are bigger than gagas. But if I cared I wouldnt be doing this now would I? I'm just Jacque having fun with dress up I'm not trying to copy anyone! Everything that the Haus of Hayman does is all original. We do not copy anything we are just having fun :-)

After the concert I meet a local photographer who is anything but your local. Robert Hayman. We did a photoshoot of me covered in bubble wrap! So once the trend happens I wore bubble wrap here are some of the photos!

Miss Jacque

One day I woke up and decided "I'm bored" so I decided I was going to go to the gaga concert dressed as her since my aunt said I always looked like her. Since then the rest is history. I have been busy since. This is my blog about my photos and my videos.