Sunday, July 11, 2010


wow! I can't believe all the great things that have happened this year! Something that I have slipped into so gracefully that seems almost on "accident" turns out to be something I am totally in love with! this is really what I want to do! mamma didnt call me Hollywood growing up for nothing!

random thought that crossed my mind

might I just say that I LOVE this picture!!! how beautiful are they?

last min is the best min

last min me and Chris decided to do a photoshoot. I styled some looks together and had my friend who is a make up artist do my makeup. I have to say I'm very happy with the results of this fun 3 look shoot :-) you can find his work at......


so this shoot was fun. I wont lie, it is weird seeing me this way but I love it and that is what makes it so cool! we put some oil in my hair and saw a Marlyin Manson similarity so we went with that theme. the top I'm wearing is a balloon! how crazy is that? this video is behind the scenes of the photoshoot. visuals by